Marloth’s dump-site issue unresolved

The municipality wants to be sure that the community accepts the relocation, the reduction to a transit site, and the rehabilitation of the existing one

People asked to use water wisely

The water level of the Crocodile River, which provides the town with water, continues to be at an all-time low as the Onderberg heat continues

The provision of clean water is a daily struggle

MALALANE – Nkomazi Local Municipality (NLM) is locked in a 24-hour struggle to provide clean water to town and its surrounding areas. The level where water is pumped out of the Crocodile River to the purification plant is extremely low and workers are trying their utmost to dam up enough water. Three pumps are currently being used….

Human settlements gets the job done

KAMHLUSHWA – In dealing with a backlog of unfinished houses in Nkomazi Local Municipality (NLM), the Mpumalanga Department of Human Settlements has been commended for revisiting houses left incomplete by unscrupulous contractors in recent years. This emerged during a recent visit by the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislatures programme called Taking the Legislature to People (TLP) undertaken by…

Optimism as water levels rise

MALALANE – “We are not out of the woods as yet.” This is according to Nkomazi Local Municipality (NLM) spokesman, Mr Cyril Ripinga, regarding the town’s water crisis. This comes after a steady rise in the water level in the Crocodile River, which has enabled the municipality to provide an uninterrupted supply to residents. With…


Eskom’s dying glimmer

The recent collapse of the Majuba coal silo is just the tip of the iceberg in what many are calling a national emergency. National power utility Eskom is now clutching at straws as it tries to salvage a system that has been deteriorating for over a decade.

Riool ‘n krisis in Komatipoort

Ms Linda van der Bank and her family had to live in sewage for nearly a month after the outside drain leaked waste into her yard and driveway, which resulted in her family’s poor health.