Yellow line driving: why is it a no-go?

The numerous annual accident reports and statistics all show that there are many drivers who drive recklessly or don’t adhere to the rules of the road. If you think about it, how often do you scream or curse irritatingly at another driver because they skipped the red light or failed to stop at a stop sign?

One of the most common rules that reckless drivers break is yellow-line driving. You should be familiar with the solid yellow line that’s marked on the shoulder of the road. You may also have intentionally or unintentionally driven in it, either to dodge traffic or simply to overtake another car on the freeway.

What is the yellow line used for exactly?

A yellow line is an emergency lane and is reserved for emergency vehicles only. When a car is parked in this lane and it is not because of an emergency the owner will be viewed as parking illegally.

If you drive in the wrong lane, you can cause an accident or worse, and if you do not have car insurance, an accident could be very costly. If you do not have a reason for driving in the emergency lane, you could end up paying a fine.

When is it permissible to drive in the yellow line?

It is only permissible to drive in this lane if you are, according to Regulation 298A of the National Road Traffic Act, in an emergency or if you are driving an emergency vehicle. The emergency vehicles that qualify as mentioned in the Act are “fire-fighting vehicles, fire-fighting response vehicles, emergency medical response vehicles, rescue vehicles or ambulances.” Emergencies which will allow for a car to be driven in the lane can be anything from rushing a loved one to hospital to your car getting stuck on the side of the road.


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