Giraffe calf euthanised after accident in Marloth Park

The mother mother giraffe spotted with the baby days prior

MARLOTH PARK – A mother giraffe was spotted wandering around the area, looking for her calf after it was euthanised last week.

The calf was badly injured after being hit by a vehicle in Leeu Road and members of the Marloth Park Residents Association (MPRA) put it out of its misery.

Johan Veldsman, a private law-enforcement officer, was called to the scene.

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A man driving a white Toyota SUV had, according to Veldsman, stated that he did not see the giraffe walking down the road.

The speed limit on Marloth Park’s tar road is 50 kilometres per hour and 30 kilometres per hour on the gravel roads.

It could not be established whether the driver was exceeding the speed limit.

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According to Veldsman, the driver had to submit statements to both the police and Marloth Park’s rangers.

“Giraffes are very slow animals. If the driver was keeping to the speed limit, he would have had enough time to avoid hitting the animal,” speculated Veldsman.

A criminal case has not been opened against the driver.

Veldsman said that the MPRA will send an invoice to the driver to pay for the bullets used to put the giraffe down.

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Bombi Mavundza

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