Tonga police visit crime hotspot to warn community

NAAS – The Mafambisa section is a crime hotspot, with the leading number of rape cases, house and business robberies in the area.

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Police and other institutions visited the local community to teach them how to better safeguard their homes, protect themselves and how police procedures worked.

Community members about the predominant crimes in the area and urged them to safeguard their children, as they are often the main targets of crimes. They also highlighted the importance of reporting rape cases and demonstrated the different crime kits that are used when a sexual offence has been committed.

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Victims were urged not to take a bath before being examined by a forensic nurse, as important DNA evidence could be lost. Any clothing or other evidence should be wrapped in newspaper or a plastic bag and taken along to the police station when the crime is reported.

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Business owners were urged not to stay late at their shops, as suspects target businesses after official hours. Read about the police’s warning to tavern owners here.

Community members were encouraged to join the Community Policing Forum’s patrol teams, and to inform police of any criminal or suspicious activities in their neighbourhood.

The newly appointed sector manager, Capt Charles Sifunda, was introduced to the community and his contact numbers provided, to ensure that community members knew who to contact in an emergency.

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