Over 100 pupils weather the swarm

MALALANE – After a nightmarish start to the year, things have settled down at Mhlati Primary and pupils are back at school after a bee attack last Thursday.

Over 100 Mhlati Primary pupils were reportedly attacked by a large swarm of bees after the insects’ nest was disturbed.

The learners, as well as the principal, were rushed to the clinic and local doctors for treatment by good Samaritans, local ambulance services, and staff from Mhlati and the neighbouring Suikerland Secondary School.

Anxious parents also visited Dr Alda Nienaber’s rooms to pray for one of the schoolchildren who was severely stung.

According to paramedics who attended the scene, four pupils were transferred to hospitals. Ms Robyn Baard, spokesman for Mediclinic Nelspruit, confirmed to Corridor Gazette‘s sister publication, Lowvelder, that a 12-year-old boy was admitted and in a stable condition.

The other three are believed to have been admitted to Tonga and Shongwe hospitals.

Most of the pupils were back at school on Friday and Monday.

The swift action of everyone involved was instrumental in the pupils’ quick recovery, as it is necessary to treat allergic reactions to bee venom as soon as possible.

Community members are urged never to tamper with a beehive, call a professional instead – swarms can become enraged and cause severe injury. Children should be taught to stay away and report a hive to an adult, especially if it is near their house or play area.

For many people a single bee sting is harmless and only hurts for a little while. People with a history of allergic reactions need to be very careful and immediately seek medical attention.

Symptoms of an allergic reaction include a skin rash, swelling, difficulty breathing, dizziness and a swollen tongue.

Retha Nel

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