Safeguard your home to prevent break-ins

MALALANE –  Recent crime statistics have shown that an average of 686 houses are burgled every day and an average of 57 households are robbed.

Although SAPS has recorded a national decrease of 1,2 per cent in house burglaries, people are urged to increase security in their homes.

Here are a few tips to help you safeguard your home:

• Fit all access doors with security gates and instal burglar bars on windows

• Make sure there are objects like telephone posts or trees that suspects can use to jump the fence

• When entering your property, keep a lookout for suspicious individuals and drive away if you feel unsafe

• Change your daily routine to make it more difficult for burglars to know when you’ll be home

• Don’t leave valuable items such as lawnmowers or vehicles outside your house or in the yard for extended periods of time

• Cut away tree branches near the house and keep ladders in a locked shed or room to avoid burglars using them to gain entry

• Make sure your garden is neat and that burglars don’t have thick bushes or shrubs to hide in

• If you can afford it, get an alarm system with outside beams to give you early warning

• Motion sensitive lights can effectively scare off some burglars

• Let your security company know when you’re going on holiday and arrange for them to drive past to check if everything is still in order

• Keep your most valuable items in a hidden safe, bolted to the wall

• Before employing a new domestic worker, gardener or contactor, verify their identity and do a basic reference check

• If your domestic worker or gardener will be home alone, tell them never to give anyone access to the house without your permission or per prior arrangement.

Graham Craggs, a spokesperson for Budget Insurance, stressed the importance of having adequate home contents insurance. “Check that your home contents insurance in up-to-date, that the amount insured is enough to replace everything that was stolen and make sure everything you want insured is on your insurance provider’s inventory list.”

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