Malalane has greenest Toyota dealership in SA

MALALANE – Malalane Toyota impressed the judges at Toyota SA with its dedication and effort to be crowned the greenest dealership in the country for 2015.

It not only made changes to its entire operational procedures, but also provided 100 refuse bins to schools and public areas, planted 400 trees in the vicinity and has a dedicated team to handle its recycling project.

The project produces firebrick from waste paper and the public can dispose used engine oil and filters at its facility. To reduce the dealership’s own carbon footprint, several green practices were instituted.

Environmentally friendly chemicals are used to wash vehicles, which reduces the amount of oils and harmful substances that end up in municipal drains.

Organic material and cardboard contaminated with oil are recycled for use as fertiliser and pesticides without posing any harm to the environment.

To absorb heavy metals and neutralise the pH of the water in the wash bay, SupaZorb absorbent is used for oil spills in the workshop and on the pavings. This ensures that the water is of high quality and contains low contamination when it ends up in the municipal drains.

Mr Charles Claasen, senior manager of new service projects of Toyota South Africa, says, “It was a tough decision as many dealers had environmental initiatives and maintained environmental standards. To select the top dealers we used a process of elimination. We eliminated dealers that had environmental non-conformities in their audits and those that did not meet the advanced compliance standards. We also eliminated dealers that did not voluntarily supply Toyota SA Motors with environmental performance indicators. The shortlist was then subjected to a vote from the regional offices. Dealers scored points for the willingness to cooperate with field staff and the willingness and attitude towards improving their environmental compliance.”

Service manager Mr Werner Horn says they are ecstatic about the award and cannot believe that their hard work and initiatives finally paid off.

He would also like to thank SupaZorb for all its support, guiding it through the steps in going green and providing environmental awareness training to all personnel which inspired environmental initiatives by all.

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